Minnie Bannister

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Modesty White, the Health & Safety Manager at the brothel, Trollops R Us, puts in a good word (and several bad words) on Minnie's behalf. Now Kwame will probably not have realized Min's real profession up to now so it is uncertain how he will respond to this.

A less than subtle hint is dropped that Min is not in the US.

Dear Sir,

I'm fucking pissed off about the effect you are having on my friend, Minnie.

I nicked your email address from her rubbish bin. She will crack the shits with me if she finds out. Don't tell her.

The first half of the week she was fucking prancing around the place like a love-sick bloody calf. All soppy-eyed and talking in bleeding riddles. For fuck's sake, I found her reading bleeding poetry one day! And now, the last few days, she has been nothing but tears and sniffles. You'd think her pet budgie had died.

Fucked if I know which is worse to handle. Both give me the fucking shits.

But I think you are the fucking problem.

As one of our best fucking prostitutes it shits me off that I have been getting fucking little productive work from her. Or little productive fucking for that matter. I can get as many girls as I want - tits and cunts are a buck a bucketful out on the streets here. But I like Min; she's a good sort. I get on well with her and I don't want some black prick messing with her mind.

Treat her proper like or I'll rip your fucking balls out.

Modesty White (Miss)
Health & Safety Manager
Trollops R Us
69 Stud Road
St Kilda, 3009

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