Minnie Bannister

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Kwame replies, but not as contrite as I would have wished.

I'll let him wait a day or two for an answer.

Dear Minnie,

I am very sorry i did not trust you to that extent before you lied to me before. (That's makes me feel so much better.)

It is quite nice that you told me the truth on time so that even if we have to see,we will not look strange to each other. ("...even if we have to see..."? The lad's cooling off, I think.)

My photo will be sacnned and sent to you as you wish just to let you know that i do not say what i am not,for i do not lie. (Rub it in, why don't you? Just out of curiosity, is Kwame your real name? Mmmmm...?)

I do believe in relationship and marriage from other parts of the world no matter your past.

I do not care what kind of life you had lived for as long as you have sent them behind you and called thaem history. (Thank you!)

Regarding the business,will you still help me?.

I do need your help. (Ah!)

Please call me so that we can talk. (Nope!)

I still do need those Nude fotos if you do not mind. (Swine!)



Minnie tries to set young Kwame up for a bit of a guilt attack. I don't like her chances but you never know.

Dear Kwame,

This letter makes me feel just absolutely wretched.

What have I done to make you be so cruel to me?

Oh God, I wish I was dead!


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