Minnie Bannister

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Minnie alludes to what might have been, sinks in the boot a bit and, conveniently, ignores all reference to the transaction and the lawyer.

Bear in mind when reading this that I am not female, not blonde, not 27, not naked...

Dear Kwame,

Your email was most upsetting. I have done nothing but cry since I received it.

I wanted to please you, Kwame, I really did. But you wouldn't let me. Why are you being so bossy and so cruel?

If I was with you I would not just throw off my clothes and have immediate sex with you. No, I would caress you. I would tease you. I would build your excitement and your anticipation. I would undress myself slowly. I would undress you slowly. I would kiss you all over. Maybe suck you a bit. Tickle you a bit. I would build your excitement to a point where it would become almost unbearable and then, and only then, I would tip you over the edge into the pit of absolute ecstasy. How can you have a real climax unless you have a build up of pleasure and expectation first? In a book or a movie the exciting bit in not on the first page, is it?

And what do you want? A nude picture. That's all. Where is the love and feeling in that? Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?

Well, I wanted to please you. I borrowed a camera from Felicity. I took a series of pictures. I planned them out. For you. I had fun doing it because I thought it would please you. I thought you cared. I wanted it to be like a strip tease. And I liked those pictures. I think I looked good in them. And I was sending them to you one at a time thinking that I would be giving you increasing pleasure. Not just a nude picture but a lot of pictures. I did it for you Kwame. Think about that. When did anyone else do that for you? And what do I get? Bossy demands for the last picture in my series. Well I am sorry. I did them as a series. I did them for you. If they are not good enough for you then I am sorry. If I am not good enough for you I am also sorry. In the unlikely event that you care there were three more in the series. The last one being the one you seem to want so much. You keep asking for the last photo but you say that you must know the face of the girl that you are dying to see. My face has been in every one of the photos I have sent you. It is not my face you want to see, is it? If you really loved me you would care about my feelings. Oh, I feel awful!

And yes I did lie to you about my age. But I did it because I was trying to please you. I admit it was a mistake now. But I was big enough to admit it, too. All you do is go off and rub my nose in it. You know what you have taught me? You have taught me that it is dangerous to be honest with you.

I asked for a photo of you and what do I get? Nothing.

I asked about your fantasies of me, of us, and what do I get? Nothing

Is that what I mean to you, Kwame? Nothing?


(Cop that, you bastard!)

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