Minnie Bannister

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Kwame becomes a bit bossy.

Dear Minnie,

Thank you for your mail.

You promised to help me and will always appretiate this day and look forward to the realisation of my dream.

First of all we must gert in touch with this lawyer who will help us get the necessary papers as to get the funds released to your account or that your friends will provide.

Note this is a very very confidential transaction as no body will know until the funds are confortably in your account.

If we succeed which i know we shall,i will also need your help in obtaining an American Visa to enable me fly over to the States for us to start a fresh live. (Ah! There is a problem for you Kwame. Hotmail users are not just in the US. Certainly I'm not.)

The lawyers name is Obinna Nwosu,His e-mail address is obynonwosu@ yahoo.com and his tel number is 234-803-3061173.

You can either contact him by phone oe e-mail. Let me know.

As regards our relationship, minnie,you lied to me which is not a good begining in this our relationship. If you could lie to me about your age,how do i know that you are the person in that photograph. (Good question.)

To prove to me that you are who you say you are,can i have your drivers liscence that has your security number on it. (You already have it, remember? On second thoughts, better not remember....Minnie's birthday is on it.)

I am also particular about your Nude picture,each i ask for it,you send a semi nude picture which is far from what i did ask. (Grrr...!)

Let us get this thing straight,take a full size nude picture smiling so that i will believe because i demanded for that particular one. (Let's get something else straight: I don't take demands well, Kwame)

You know we have to be sincere with ourselves.

I must know the face of the woman or the girl that i am dying to see or who i am dying to love. (Funny. Every photo I have sent has my face in it. I would hazard a guess that it is not my face you are after.)

Take care.

Love you even though i do not know the real you,but you keep me happy.

Love. (Well, that's better than 'sincerely' I guess.)


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