Minnie Bannister

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Minnie confesses that she lied about her age and is really 27. (Hope he never looks at the drivers licence - it has her birthday on it.). Another photo is sent but none sent in return yet. Minnie goes fishing for fantasies.

My Dear Kwame,

Of course I want to help you win this transaction - especially if it means I get spoiled afterwards :-) Don't make me guess what yo are going to do to me...tell me!

Okay, confession time. I guess I suffer from that woman's fear about her age. You asked me my age before you told me yours. From your letters I felt you were a little younger than you really were and I was afraid that you would not like me if I was too old. I am really 27. Everything else is absolutely true. I feel so ashamed that I have lied to you and been caught out. Once you said that you were 34 I was so happy but didn't know how to undo my deceit about my own age. I thought that once we were together it would not matter. Once I had you in my hands I could tell you the truth and you would not even notice.

Please, please forgive me.

I have enclosed another photo. I had fun taking them and I hope you like this one. I think it is very sensuous, don't you? In the photo I am trying to imagine what you look like. A photo of you would help!

If my photo will get you moved (What is 'feeling honey'?) then you will really travel to far away places when you get to try the real thing. What do you like Kwame? What things would you like me to do for you that a mere photo cannot do? Do you have fantasies about me? Tell me what they are so that I can make them come true when we meet.

Felicity tells me that if I have my tongue pierced I will be able to give you even more pleasure. She's a bit of a tart really but I respect her opinion. Do you think I should have it pierced?

Much love and lots of hugs,

Minnie. XXX

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