Minnie Bannister

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Kwame has suspicions about Minnie's age and still wants a nude photo. (Men!)

Dear Minnie,

Thank you so very much for your mail, actually that mail sounded so concerned that I forget that we have not just seen each other one on one but just on internet.

To be very frank with you, this American did not just die through any dubious means, but through an accident.

The driver was driving (As drivers are wont) when the car suddenly somersaulted, both the driver and the man(boss)died on the sport.

The cash like I keep saying is risk free as I will not want to do anything that will endanger you as a person. (Why do I have my doubts?)

All I need from you is either somebody who will help or you let me know your intention to help me transfer these funds to your account or any body?s account oversees.

I did ask you how old you were in my previous mail, but you said 22yrs,this made me fee that the pictures that I see as you look more mature (Shucks!) ,I do not know if to say no it is not you or yes it is you.

I am not trying to sound very suspicious but I really want to know the real Minnie and believe in my heart that the Minnie I did see in this photograph is the person I like and will die for. (I'm not worth it, really)

Yes I will surely need to see your nude picture as I will want to get moved. feel honey. (Come again? Ah, no. Bad turn of phrase. Am I the honey he wants to feel?)

You said that you have not been too close to a good black man before, If you do, I bet you will never regret you did. (Don't bet on it.)

If we are able to pull this funds out, we will all be rich as I will so take care of you more than no other man has ever done to your in your entire life. Have been spoilt in your entire life before?guese what I am going to do to you. (Tell me! Tell me!)

Sweet Heart do not blame me if I say I will spoil you, trust me, I will surely do.

All that you love will surely be loved by me including food,music and anyother thing.

I told you my name,educational qualification,marital status and where i work(proffession).

What else have i not told you.

I will also want to tell you that i love you and will love to see you ver very soon.

Mail me let us see suggestion that you have for this my business proposition.

Let me tell you that i love you.

Sincerely. (Sincerely? How romantic is that?)

Kwame Yusuf.

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