Minnie Bannister

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Minnie waffles on, sends another photo, but holds on to her nude shot for the moment.
Apparently the name of the lady in the photos is Bree; thank you Bree, wherever you are.

Dearest Kwame,

How are you tonight? I wish I could be there to find out myself.

You talk about the business and you keep saying it is 100% risk free. Why do you keep saying that? Are you worried that it is not risk free? Are you in danger? Do you need help? Was you boss killed in an accident or was he murdered? I have some nervous feelings about this Kwame. Please be careful.

Yes, it is me in the photos. (I don't know. Once you have told one lie, it just becomes so easy.) I borrowed Felicity's digital camera and took some more photos today. I set it up on a tripod and took some shots using the auto-timer. I did take a nude shot but ...Kwame, are you sure you want to see it? Wont it spoil our first time together? You tell me.

Do you really need a nude photo to see how tall I am? Actually I think I should hang on to my nude photo until I get at least one photo of you.

I have sent you one of the first photos I took today. I think it is nice. I look bright and happy. And it is a demure shot. One you could show your Mum! Some of the shots make my hips look too big. I have had a perm put in my hair. Do yo like it? Or do you prefer it straight?

Do I love black men? Well, in all honesty I have never had close relationship with a black man. Felicity has and if what she says is even half true then it will be an experience to remember. But what has colour got to do with it? It is how you treat me that matters. I want a man who will look after me. In return I will make him very glad he did. All cats are black at night.

Tell me more about yourself.

Much love,

Minnie. xxxooo

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