Minnie Bannister

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Smarmy Kwame seems a liitle colder today but asks for a nude photo again. Perhaps it is a way of verifying that it is really me and not someone sending a shot of his neighbours daughter or something. Who knows? But he does seem a little uncertain whether to go for the money or the box. (Maybe this is an Australian thing - there was a quiz show on TV once called 'Pick a Box' and the contestant had to decide whether to go for the money or the mystery prize in the box.)

Dear Minnie,

The business that i introduced you to will be a little stressful to you if you will be interested (Stressful Kwame, really? How could that be?) if not,let us concentrate on our relationship. (Now, THAT would be stressful!)

Will you be able to this?that is what you will ask your self.

there is no risk associated with this as it is 100%risk free. (Ha!)

Let me frank with you,i do love you but you will have to let me know that it is the girl on the photo that i am talking to. That i am talking to minnie and minnie is the girl on the photo. (well, it is a long story...)

Minnie ,the most inportant thing is that,i will adapt to every environment i do find my self fo as long as i love you.

I will like my girl to be like you,your smile on the photo,I do not know your physic for i have not seen your full lenght that is why i am asking for your nude photo. (Afraid I may be standing on stilts under my frock?)

If possible,can i have the Nude photo so that i can also srend my photo to yoou. (Ah...I don't see the exact cause and effect relationship here, Kwame, me ol' son)

Do you love black men?. (Uh....)

Please write me with full details about your self. (Yes...such as?)

I love music:R&B/ROCK ETC.


kWAME (This guy doesn't proof read his emails)

The risk there is not much as it is 100%risk free (methinks he doth protest too much)

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