Minnie Bannister

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Kwame lets out a little about himself.

Dear Minnie,

I am a site engineer working for multi-mesh nig plc,due to some difficulty that is associated with engineers,my boss had a fatal accident and died at the spot.

Right now i am planning on how to get the release of the funds he kept with a finance house here in Nigeria.

Like i earlier told you,i needed some foreigner who will play the role of his wife so that we can now claim the funds and leave the country.

I know you are a very comfortable woman,but a little finance from this deal will be able to help you in a way.

I am 34years old and Single(un-married) without children.

I am tall(6 feet tall) chocolate colour and cute person to stay with masculine in stature.

I am also a graduate(Masters Degree)from one of the leading Universities here in Nigeria(UNIVERSITY OF lAGOS).

If you will want to call me,the number to call is 234-1-7761112,if not,an e-mail will do.

I can not stay with out also thinking of you,praying that one day we will come to see each other one on one.

Till the Sweet heat,

Sincerely Yours .


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