Minnie Bannister

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Ominously quiet on the Nigerian front. I beg forgiveness for being so forward.

My Dear Kwame,

You have been so quiet. I fear that I have offended you.

What can I do, what must I do, to cheer you up?

I do so regret sending you the photo. There were so many others to choose from but perhaps I had had a little to drink and, well, the scamp in me came out and I, well I must be honest, I weakened. It was an impulse to send you that cheeky, cheeky, photo. I had no idea that it would have such an effect on you.

Tell me: what must I do to make amends. Anything, Kwame. But you must tell me what is required. I don't trust my judgement any more.

Yours in despair,


Well, this is an interesting reply. A request for a nude photo. And he mentions the transaction but doesn't seem to be keen to draw Minnie into it. Could his intentions be honourable? No, probably not.

Dear Minnie,

Sorry if i wasted time in contacting you,it was as a result of running arround since i need to take care of my self.

The photograph that you sent to me has nothing to do with my not replying your mail on time,infact i love the photograph.

Can you send me your nude picture?for i will want to know how you look with out clothes.

Tell mer more about your self.

Remember i told you that i am realy running around to complete a transaction of about USD22.5MILLION which is being kept somewhere.

I will be needing some foreign partner who will be helping me get these funds transfered.

I will be trying to scan my pic so as to send them to you.

Miss you so badly.

Love .


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