Minnie Bannister

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And the results were startling.

Dear Minnie,

Thank you so much for the picture.

You look so wonderful in that your picture,and i think i love what i saw. What he saw.

Now let us get real. (Huh?)

I do not have a scanner in my home right now,and scanning my own photograph will be within the week and it is something i must do.

Please could you answer this simple questions for me?.

What dop you do for a living? (See? That's the problem with coming in in the middle of a correspondence.)

What do you need from me and if i am a handsome man,will you marry me with me not comming over to your State. (A bit premature, Kwame me ol' son.)

Can you come over to Africa?if yes when .

Please i am on my system,if you can reply this i will be very pleased.

Can i call you honney Pie. (Of course you can, snookums!)



Well, now what do I do? Back track a little, apologise for the photo, cover up the fact that I am a prostitute but a little teasing along the way!

Dear Kwame,

You lovely, lovely man! You really know how to make a girl feel good about herself.

I was feeling really guilty about sending you that photo of me. It was a very cheeky photo, wasn't it! I hope you weren't offended or think me cheap?

It was taken a few months ago. My friend Felicity was taking quite a few photos of me and I was getting a bit bored with it all and...well, you saw what I did! I never thought she would print it but now that she has I am quite fond of it. I really should have sent you one of the more demure photos! I do apologise again for being so cheeky.

But I am really looking forward to seeing your photo.

What do I do? I am in what you might call stress management. I help my clients relieve their inner pressures. When they come to me they are all tense with pent up forces but once they have had a session with me that is all gone and they are quite relaxed and often rather limp and drained.

Come to Africa? I would LOVE to do that! I have always wanted to go to Africa and visit the game parks. It would be a great adventure! How should I come? And when?

Dear sweet Kwame, I think talking marriage is a little bit early!! But very flattering though. Thank you. Three or four emails is not quite enough to learn much about each other, is it? But we can change that.

Perhaps when I come we could learn a little more about each other. I would like to learn a little more about you; find out what you are like to eat, what you like to do and find out what pleases you. They say African men are very good lovers. Is this true? I have always dreamed about having a black lover. But I don't have to marry you to find out about that, do I?

Of course you can call me Honey Pie. You are so very sweet. But what should I call you? Perhaps I should wait until I have seen a photo to decide what would be a suitable name?

Very best wishes,


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