Minnie Bannister

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A bit of a nibble going here. Prospects of a friendly relationship as well as a business one.
Dating is mentioned and a photo requested.

Dear Minnie.

Thank you so very much for your well constructed mail.

You are getting this all wrong,i did not tell you that i wanted to sleep with you,but all i said was that i wanted us to enter into a business relationship and become partners.

So how are you doing?i am doing fine here.and thank you also for sending your identification.

Can you plan a trip to Nigeria so that we can meet officially and see each other before entering into a business relationship or friendly relationship.

I have not seen you before how would i want to date someone that i have not seen.

Can you send your full size picture so that i can take a good look at you.

Expectig to hear from you as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely.


And a photo is sent. I searched through the news groups hunting for someone who looked like the photo on the drivers licence. Tough work. I decided to be a little forward and provocative. Well I am a prostitute, after all.

My Dear Kwame,

Attached is a photo of me. I hope I am to your liking.

Now, we must be fair about this...a photo of you?

Your friend,


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