J. Cosmo Newbery

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Well, with a trip to beautiful downtown Lagos in the offing, I thought it was time to ask some questions.

Dear Charles,

I will be in the office tomorrow morning and will see what the fax machine brings.

I am starting to get quite excited about coming to Nigeria. I have never been there before. Could you answer some questions for me please:

What clothes should I bring? I do not want to look out of place.

Do the women wear tops?

Is it rude to look at them?

Do people wear shoes there?

Should I buy a grass skirt at the airport?

What is the weather like?

Do you have wind there? And does it ever rain?

Are there stars in the sky there?

What time is it there?

What language to the people speak? Could you give me a few phrases that I might need?

What churches are in Lagos?

Do they have books?

Would people be afraid if I brought a camera?

What hotel would you recommend?

Does it have electricity?

What will I sleep on? Should I bring a sleeping bag?

Can you drink the water?

Should I bring a kettle to boil water?

How much money should I bring with me? What currency?

What sort of food do people eat?

Will I have to catch my own food?

Do they cook the food or eat it raw?

Should I bring a stove?

Are there lions in the streets? Are they tame?

Are you allowed to feed the elephants?

How do you get around?

Will I be able to hire a bicycle?

Should I take malaria tablets?

Yellow fever? Cholera? Typhoid?

Is AIDS a problem?

Are the girls friendly?

Are they clean?

Do they have big breasts?

How much do they cost per night?

Please advise me of these things as soon as is possible. I am in your hands and will be guided by what you say.

Yours sincerely,


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