J. Cosmo Newbery

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The trip moves closer to reality. But my reality and Charles' reality may not coincide. A change in email address, for some reason.

Hello Cosmo,

Thank you for your mail. since you have finally made up your mind of coming over to Nigeria i will advise you to notify the Bank by fax of your coming. And i will like to know when you are set for your trip so that we will send you an invitation letter which you will take to the Nigeria high commision so that they can issue you an entry visa.



NB. This is my new email address x@x always contact me here.

Dear Charles,

I believe I can get a flight out on KLM most weekdays.

All I need is a visa.

Please send me contact details so I can contact the bank ASAP.

What should I say in the letter?

Yours sincerely, Cosmo.

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