Minnie Bannister

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Where Minnie goes exploring:

Mr Dear Kwame,

Thank you for your letter.

I am a little confused. Who is Adam? And why can the solicitor not tell you apart?

And you say you want to be my sleeping partner. I thought I was to be the wife of your dead American boss. Am I going to marry you instead? That could be more interesting than being a widow.

Can you send me a photo of yourself? I need to see what you look like if I am going to sleep with you. Are you well endowed? I mean would I find it a satisfying arrangement. I have been told that black men are vigorous lovers. Is this true?

What sort of thing am I supposed to be a fast one of? I don't understand.

And what is it that you are going to blow open.

You do talk in riddles. But please, a photo.

My home address is 41 Harlot Street, Intercourse, 3069. Isn't that a hoot? I was so happy when I got that address. Some of the old biddies in the street what to change the name. I love it.

I have attached a scanned picture of my drivers licence. It has a photo on it.

What is a full sized photo? I am 5ft 10in high - that is a big photo.

My fax number is +613 9326 5378.

I will wait until I understand some of your riddles before I give you my phone number.

Yours sincerely, Minnie.

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