Minnie Bannister

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Down to specifics:

Dear Minnie Bannister,

Thank you for being so specific.

The game plan is this,i will now introduce you to an attorney,An independent attorney who will be handling this transaction for youy vwhile i still become a sleeping partner. (Curious comment to a prostitute)

This attorney does not kknow me from Adam, (Perhaps it would help if you and Adam wore different coloured cardigans?) i will be sending some documents to you for this claim. Every action that you take,i will introduce it and do not try to play a fast one for i will blow the whole thing open. (Curious comment to a prostitute)

Can you please send me the following information about you:

Your Address(contact Information).
Any form of identification(drivers liscence or international passport).
Your full size photograph . (Aren't all photos full size?)
Your tel,and fax number if any.

Expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Yours Sincerely.


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