Minnie Bannister

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The blackguard has the cheek to call Minnie vague. Not vague, just cagey:

Dear Minnie,

Thank yopu for your mail,though the contents sounded vague.

Let us know the game plan,are you in it or not. We are talking of millions of dollars here,let me know the position of things.



Wher Min confesses that she would do (almost) anything for diamonds:

Dear Kwame,

Vague? You cheeky possum!

How can I be more precise in my answer when I know so little about your strategy? Your original letter said "get back to me with your response and I will furnish you with the full details".

Well my response was: I'll do anything for diamonds.

That's not particularly vague by my standards.

True I did temper it with the words "Well, almost anything". But that is understandable, isn't it. You know, like I wouldn't rescue John Howard if he was drowning. I do have some standards.

OK. Read this slowly. Twice if it helps: I am interested in what you say you have to offer. I am willing to pretend to be a dead man's wife. Lord knows I have done enough wifely duties for living men.

The plan Kwame? This game is your call. I thought you had a game plan.

For me the position of things is usually flat on my back. I am willing to go along with this for the variety, for the challenge, for the relief of not needing to shout "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh oh oh!" for some man I have never met before, for the chance to travel a bit.

But mostly for the diamonds.

I make a lot of money doing what I do but as a career path it is very rocky.

A good collection of diamonds is an investment for the future.

Can I make it any clearer for you?


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