Minnie Bannister

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The reply was yet another jolt sideways in this crazy correspondence:

Dear, (Could this be a form letter, he forgot to include the name.)

How do you do?.

I got your address from a friend of mine and believing that you will serve as a very good company. I have had a relationship with my boss(an American )who has lived in Nigeria for some time. This boss of mine died while supervising at the site and he has an account with diammond secvurities and investment plc and there will be no relation top claim this. (If it is a form letter he is going free-style on the spelling.)

Please if you can apply as his wife,I will assist you get the bank release this funds TO YOUR ACCOUNT WITH A FIRM PROMISE IN WRITING THAT WE WILL SHARE THIS EQUALLY.

Please do get back to me with your response and i will furnish you with the whole details.

Expecting to hear from you as soon as possible.

kwame Osie.

Where Min shows some interest:

Dear Kwame Osie,

Pretend to be your dead boss's wife?

It sounds interesting.

Although I usually prefer my men to be a bit more lively!

But I'll do anything for diamonds. Well, almost anything.

Minnie Bannister.

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