J. Cosmo Newbery

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The trip is on! (Again)

Dear Charles,

You cannot possibly image how I was thrilled to get your email this morning. I was at a point of deciding whether to cancel the flight due to not how or where to contact you in Nigeria. If I wasn't coming to Nigeria I would probably have just spent the weekend pruning the pachyderms in the front garden. So I am sure you will realize that it was a most welcome email.

They say things are better if you have to wait for them. You have waited so long for me I intend to make sure that you really enjoy my visit.

You didn't mention the T-shirts...

My that's a lot of money to have as cash, Charles! I will be very nervous travelling with that much money. I will see what I can do. Perhaps I will hide it with my family jewels. That may impress the ladies at the hotel, eh?

I shall be wearing a three-piece blue pinstripe, white shirt with a red silk bow tie. I feel I must present a professional image at all stages of the visit.

The next time we correspond with you will be the one I have been waiting so long for. Onward Nigeria!

Sorry about the World Cup.


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