J. Cosmo Newbery

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Still ominous quiet from Lagos. Has he gone into hiding? I apply a little pressure. Will greed overcome skepticism?


What is happening? I need to know.

My flight is still scheduled to leave tomorrow for Lagos. Is the transaction still on track or should I cancel?

Please advise ASAP.


And there he is! Greed wins.

Dear Cosmo,

You can imagine the shock that I received in your failure to come the first time.Now I am glad everything is now ok.Now there is no problem with your coming at all but please ensure that there is no more trouble.

Everything will be concluded as soon as we have everything tidied up here.Again I do not think American Express travellers cheques will be acceptable here because it is not used here.Kindly ensure it is cash for most of such payment to government are usually across the counter payment.I do not want anything to be a hindrance to the smooth conclusion of this transaction please bring cash.

I have re-opened your hotel reservations and all other things that you will enjoy.But ensure the you inform me of your dress code for easier recognition at the airport.

I expect your email response to this one.



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