J. Cosmo Newbery

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Charles goes very quiet. But I press on anyway.

Dear Charles,

I am knackered. Roughly translated that means totally exhausted.

I have spent all day in the Magistrates Court arguing with small minded bureaucrats over mind numbing technicalities.

The upshot of it all is that I have my passport back.

The money thing is totally bamboozling. Apparently the whole sorry episode was a case of mistaken identity. It was nothing to do with me. The "Mr Bellow" turned out to be some Swiss chap called "Jacques Balleau".

God only knows how this can happen in a civilized country. As much as I detest lawyers I have engaged one to pursue compensation from the authorities; they must not be allowed to do this to respectable citizens.

I have spoken to KLM and they were most understanding - possibly because of the business class ticket - and have booked me onto another flight.

I leave Melbourne on Friday June 14th and arrive in Lagos on flight KL587 at 18:05hrs. This is a mirror image of the last flight but it gets into Lagos on Saturday. This will give me a little time to look around Lagos before presenting myself to the Government, hopefully on Monday.

Hopefully this will go without a hitch!

Yours sincerely,

(Am I not sincere? Am I not understanding and reasonable? Of course I am! Trust me Charles.)


P.S. I must apologise for my language in the last fax. I was tired, angry and very emotional. I am sure you must understand how I felt.

A little embellishment. Verisimillitude, if you will!

Dear Charles,

A small problem. Maybe. Maybe not.

The air traffic controllers are threatening a 5hr stop work meeting for Friday.

I am hoping that the people who negotiate these things will sort it out before then. Keep your fingers crossed.

Now that we have a second crack at this thing, is there anything else you want me to bring other than the money to cover the stamp duty? I have that in American Express travellers cheques at present. Is that OK?

I was wondering if you or your children might like a T-shirt with a Kangaroo, Koala or a Bandicoot on it. On second thoughts perhaps a Galah would be most fitting. What do you think?

(I'd better explain: a Galah is an Australian parrot. But in Australian slang, to call someone a Galah is to say that they are a feather or two short of the full parrot.)

Please let me know your sizes.



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