J. Cosmo Newbery

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Charles has decided to use the old "lawyer acting on my behalf" ploy:

Hello Cosmo,

I have gone through your attach mail from the central bank for what i gather they required your physical presence to sign the fund release documents relating to your contract payment. From my investigation you will be brough before the "Governing council" of the bank to answer questions before your signing of the documents. You might be asked some questions that you might not be able to answer properly. (Can you give me an example, Charles?) This is my advise....

We'll give you the contact fax number of a prominent Central Bank Of Nigeria (Accredited lawer) you'll contact the lawer explaining that you did a contract with the N.N.P.C and your payment is approved at the CBN. But you'll not be able to come down to Nigeria to sign this documents yourself due to your doctors advise based on the fact that you had an industrial accident recently. You would like to engage their services for the signing of the necessary fund release documents. Let them know that you got their contact from the Nigeria Bar Association. These are his details....

DIRECT FAX LINE:234-1-7599711

He is a very prominent lawer and well respected in the corridor of powers make sure you engage his services has the governing council will not be able to take him through the rigours they will subject you to if you come your self. (I'm tough Charles, I can take it.)



N.B: Please do not mention that you know us(officials). As you know we are government officials and we're not supposed to be directly involved with your contract payment. (I promise Charles, of course. Cross my heart and hope to die in a cellar full of rats on my birthday!)

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