Minnie Bannister

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Where Minnie states her business and Charles apparently wants to take to her.

Dear Mr Nujoma,

This all sounds very exciting but do you think that a brothel is a good business to assist you in your endeavours? I CAN assist you in other ways but that is another story...

Anyway, this is why I was mildly amused to get your business proposal!

But if I can help you I will. Money is money, as my Mum used to say.

About the form...do you want it faxed back? If so I need a fax number.

Or will a scanned document (email attachment) do?

Yours curiously,

Minnie Bannister.

I think Charles left his thesaurus at home for this one.
As always, they want a phone number. This can be problematical when I play the female part.
I quess I go for the deep, husky image here.

my friend ,

i what you to send the information i need on this email.

2. i will do business with you.

3. i will need your phone number i what to take to you. (Really, Charles! Not on the first date!)


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