J. Cosmo Newbery

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Charles is getting exited at Cosmo's impending arrival.

Dear Cosmo,

Your email is glorious! I am making arrangements for your arrival. You should stay in either excellent hotel or Peace hotel where is cool and calm for you to have your fun while it lasts.June 10th is monday and I will make reservation for your hotel stay.The weather is hot ,just come with normal clothes.You will not be lonely, I assure you.I know after this you will always like to visit! (Charles, if I go I suspect I will also stay...in an unmarked grave somewhere in the Abuja badlands.)

In this way we will not need to pay any legal fee as the signing will be done by yourself.I hope there is no other requirement that was stated by the incompetent lawyer? Kindly let us know if any.I will again write further details tomorrow but let me be sure there is nothing else required.

Your friend, (I'm feeling all warm and gooey...)


Cosmo, too, can barely contain his excitement and takes a tilt at a menage a trios:

Dear Charles,

It is wonderful to see that you are as excited as I am.

This is going to be a great adventure!

As far as the hotel goes, either will do as long as they are discrete. I will go with your advice on this.

You promise that I will not be lonely...I am so looking forward to not being lonely! There are some dreams and fantasies that people have. I am about to live one of mine! Would it be possible for there to be two ladies to keep me from being lonely? If you know what I mean...?

The lawyer (if I can really call him that) mentioned no other requirements as such. There was mention of stamp duty to pay. Would a bank cheque made out to the DRC be suitable? I assume that the amount he quoted (US$8,109.00) is correct but, quite frankly, I wouldn't trust him to get his own name right. Are there any other costs that are likely to arise? Please advise.

Speaking of money - what should I allow for living expenses? Is AMEX accepted?

Yours excited,


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