J. Cosmo Newbery

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Where Charles has not responded so I continue to sink the boots into the lawyer...

Dear Charles,

You have gone very quiet.

I fear that you are annoyed with me because I have had the temerity to criticize the skills of that lawyer.

Believe me Charles I have met some shonky lawyers and Dr Bello is right up there with the shonkiest of them. His words were wrong, his letterhead was suspect and his demeanor was that of a second class green-grocer's clerk.

You are annoyed at me at present, but in the future I am one hundred percent certain that you will look back and say 'that Cosmo was really annoying, but by God he was spot on in his assessment of that lawyer...'. (Yep. Guarantee it! Spot on in my assessment of Charles, too.)

Whatever you do, do not give Dr Bello any money UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Please contact me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to organise a better plan of attack. Time is of the essence and confidentiality must, as always, be our catch word. I have absolute faith in you , Charles. (Now, from where did I learn those phrases?)

We can bring this to a quick and satisfying conclusion.

Yours most sincerely,

Cosmo Newbery.

Where Charles is confused and seems to be floundering a bit...

Dear Cosmo,

I am confused and do not know what to do! If you can come to Nigeria please make haste about it and come.I guess that is one sure solution or I could inquire from my contact man for any other solution since the lawyer is not capable.After all I believe there other means with which this payment can be made without so much delay.



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