Minnie Bannister

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Same old story. More or less.
Quite impressed with the vocabulary in this one. Must have been given a thesaurus for his birthday.

ATTN: Minnie Bannister

DATE: 17/04/ 2002

Thank you very much for your response to our letter of mutually benefiting business proposal.

We the members of the contract Review Panel (C.R.P) have deliberated extensively on your response and unanimously agreed to commence the transaction with you. (Jolly decent of you.) It is pertinent at this stage to assure you that this project will be carried out strictly and religiously (What God? Mammon?) within all laid down procedures and the transfer will also pass through all local and international transfer laws and regulations. (With loopholes that big there must be lawyers involved somewhere.)

However, be informed that we have decided to share the funds thus.

1. 30% for you for providing us with your Banking facilities and fronting for us.

2. 10% has been set aside for incidental expenses that may be incurred in the course of executing this project.

3. 60% for us (myself and two other partners all members of this Panel) of which we intend to commence an importation business with you as our partner and facilitator. We hope you are alright with this sharing formula.

Meanwhile Retype and send back attached SPECIMEN APPLICATION on your letterhead which we shall use to apply and make claims to the relevant Government Agencies and Ministries wherein final payment Approvals will be issued in your favour. We shall ensure that all other equity requirements for the operations of a foreign company in Nigeria as spelt out by the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are met.

Note that these final payment Approvals once successfully secured will officially confirm you or your company as the bona fide and authentic contractor beneficiary of the said contract entitlement and facilitate the swift Telegraphic Transfer of the funds into your nominated bank accounts for us all.

From our inquiries so far at the second stage Federal Ministry of Finance (FMF)/Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) stage. We are informed that for all Foreign payments of US$10.000.000 and above it is mandatory for the contractor beneficiary in keeping with current FMF and CBN foreign payment Regulations to personally endorse the Final Fund Release Order to facilitate the final payment of the contract entitlement.

Presently, however we do not have any information regarding how and when you are to do that but hopefully by the time the preliminary stages of the project are in place and your file moves to any of the parastatals (Can anyone tell me what a parastatal is?) in charge of the payment they will be able to inform you on the mode or means for the endorsement exercise. The final payment Approval once successfully secured recognizes you as a legal creditor to the Federal Government of Nigeria to the tune of US$31.8M.

To justify the legality of the project the Attorney General of Nigeria will issue a vetting Approval confirming that the said funds are your legitimate contract entitlement resulting payment Approval combined with the vetting Approval from the Attorney General will be sent along with funds to your account. (I can't help feeling that this 'vetting approval' is going to cost money....)

To prove the genuinety (Ha!) and origin of the said contract payment that the process will be a Bank to-Bank affair to fully satisfy your Government. Banker and any other Authorities that may be interest in the said funds being transferred into your bank account.

Be rest assured that there will be no trace of the funds now or in the future. (Freudian slip, or a dry sense of humour?)

The above is the breakdown of our master plan for a successful 100% risk and hitch free transaction. Your unwavering assistance cooperation and following our instructions religiously this transaction will be concluded within 7 banking days. On your receipt of the funds, my associates and I will retire from the services of this country and fly to your country to meet with you for the sharing purpose and to commence our business plans. (Oh...)

As we cannot bring back cash to Nigeria we will count on your business acumen and network for our investment plans.

The benefits are enormous so also are the responsibilities hence our setting aside as an abstract projection 10% of the total sum to take care of all mutual expenses towards the attainment of our common goal therefore urge you to keep an inventory of all your expenses including phone bills just as we keep ours for reimbursement on receipt of funds by you in your account and any balance of the 10% will be split equally on both sides.

Once again I thank you for your prompt response and remember that confidentiality is our watchword as advantages accruable to us from strict compliance can never be over emphasized.

You must not inform or supply your bank or anybody with any information about the project until such a time we advise our codes of operation is Partnership protect First and remember =93Loose Lips Sink Ship (I think this is a 'typo' but I like it.)

We have the Capability to accomplish the project and you must rely on this, this is a sensitive project for which we have spent so much money and made so much commitments. We there are insist on strict confidentiality hoping that you can be trusted.We await your prompt response.

Best regards


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