Minnie Bannister

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After a day of nothing Charles #1 writes back to Minnie...

Hello Miss Bannister,

Sorry for not sending you mail as at yesterday. Remember i told you about how i was once married for two years but nothing good came out of it. You ask if i have a girlfriend? NO ONE for now because i have dedicated all my time for what i have labour for that is why i needed you most at this point in time to please assist me so that i will have everthing to gain but nothing to lose. And i'm even planning of leaving my country after the concluion of this transaction.



A fairly non-committal sort of email. Minnie is equally non-committal. Just social chit-chat. With a little bit of ego massaging.

My Dear Charles,

Thank you for your email.

Please do not feel that you have to apologize for not sending me mail. You are obviously a very busy man.

Your photograph showed you as a young executive who knows where he is going and is intent on getting there. There is raw determination and self-belief in that photo. It is the photo of a confident, virile sort of person. Dead set on making his mark on the world.

I like that in my men too.

Where do you hope to go to after the transaction is complete?

Yours sincerely,


No reply - possibly the end of the line for young Min.

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