J Cosmo Newbery

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All very quiet from Philips Akande aka Charles. Possibly the Nigerian penny has dropped. I decide to wave a hint of money at him...

Dear Charles,

You have been ominously quiet.

Have you managed to engage a lawyer?

If so, do you need assistance to pay for him? Please let me know.

Coming to Nigeria, if needed, is becoming more possible as my calendar clears but I will need forewarning to organize the details. I have a travel agent who can help me. I still do not really know how quickly I could get a visa. The Nigerian consular people are not particularly helpful. Could I get a visitors visa at the airport?

Please advise me of the current situation so I can plan my schedules for the next few weeks.


And the money sort of works. A peeved and irritated Charles swears he doesn't need it. But, have no fear, the request will come...

Dear Cosmos,

Until this time, I could not imagine what situation you were putting me into. I decidecd I could not continue because you were almost ruining this project for me.There is no way I can get a lawyer by myself. The issue is not the money to pay the lawyer as you are suggesting, it is having the lawyer to do the job.I have about $2000 already and if that is able to do it ,I do not need your penny. You must realise that I am the one who transfering money to you and not otherwise.

On my own, I have already a name of lawyer from the The Council of Legal Representative as I proposed.You must contact him immediately and ask for his service.His name is:

Dr. Paul Bello
TEL: 234-1-775-3942
FAX: 234-1-759-7207
EMAIL: paulbelloefe@lawyer.com

You must contact him immediately and know what he can do regarding the delay in time.

I hope you do this.

Regards, Charles.

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