J Cosmo Newbery

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Where J Cosmo stalls for time.

Dear Charles,

You don't half push the deadline!

I would love to come a see your country. Sadly, while I keep my passport up to date, I do not keep an up to date Nigerian Visa in it!

I talked to the visa folk and they say anything under a week would be close to a miracle.

And besides I have prior commitments as an honorary judge at the Republican Conventional Corgi Tossing Championships and I would not want to let them down as this was planned many months ago.

Can you possibly get an extension on the settlement? After all, they have waited this long, another week wont kill them.

Could I give you power of attorney to act on my behalf?

Could I go to the Nigerian Embassy here and have my acceptance of the money witnessed by the Ambassador? They are, after all, an arm of the Nigerian Government.

There must be a way around this that doesn't involve giving money to trumped up and aging lawyers needlessly.

Be creative Charles! What do you suggest?

Yours, Cosmo.

Charles is not impressed!

Dear Cosmo,

I do not know what to make of your email. If I do not have the judgement already that you are a good man, (Ha!) I would have concluded that you are just taking me seriously for a fool.Firstly, I do not want you to think this funds is a free funds as it seems but for you to know that we have worked hard enough to earn it. So, we deserve every penny involved.I am sorry for thinking this way but I trusted that you will give us some attention and recognise that this is profitable to us all.

Otherwise how could you imagine to give me the power of attorney when I have already told that at this stage I can only be at the background because of the confidentiality ? Or how can you expect that I have the power to ask for an extention when I am not beneficiary and I am not a SAN? The fact that this payment was delayed was our fault and not the paying authority. We needed time to put some reasonable amount of money together to process all that was done and get a reliable partner to be trusted.I hope we have not made a mistake! (Oh no, Charles you have not made a mistake!) Do you know all we went through to have your company registered here. (yep!) Do you know what great risk it is for us to miss this chance? (Nope!) You can even buy a house in Nigeria afterwards, so delay this opportunity.

Indeed, why can't it occur to you that this payment is more paramount than anything else to us? I am ashamed to having to depend on you for this final process .Are you saying that the paying authority should for another week for you.I consider this preposterous that you could imagine that. (It was just an innocent question Charles, no need to get snakey.) I need the money more any thing else so if you do not believe in doing this further with us say so and do not begin to toss with my emotions!

One of the advantages that I conceive from using the lawyer is that you will not need to face the panel at the DRC.The lawyer will not be questioned as he is only representing the beneficiary.You say this is not creative! Do you know how much you are picking up from this transaction ? (I've got a pretty fair idea, Charles.) What has the embassy got to do with the payment,my goodness! You make me look foolish! (I can't improve on nature.)

Now you must get straight with your thinking and stop making a fool of the whole situation!If you are afraid of the payment to lawyer I have said I have about $2000.00 that is mearnt for my travelling expenses to Australia! Listern , gold takes some digging and you must know that if $2000.00 can solve the lawyers trouble then we do not need you to put in any penny.So we could not have depended on you for financial support until. (Until...? Until what?)



JCN apologises.

Dear Mr Nujoma,

I did not mean to offend you. Please accept my humble and supplicatory apologies.

I want to come but how do I do that without a visa?

That being the case perhaps it is best that you engage a lawyer on my behalf.

Yours chastened,

J. Cosmo Newbery.

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