Minnie Bannister

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Well, Minnie has stirred up the nest! Charles is quick off the mark responding to Australia's newest lottery multi-millionaire...

Hello Bannister,

I'm really happay for what you 've just sent to me. Please am also soory for not been able to contact you for long is due to some presture in my place of work that is why so please accept my appology. Now that i am approching my retirement i need you by my side to assist me been a foriegner to claim this funds so that i(we) can use it to establish some thing good in your country.

That is why we can't discuss this transaction via email, i still have to get your private tele/fax numbers so that we can discuss. I'm glad to hear that there is smile on your face.

Where Minnie plays hard to get and expects a little respect.

Dear Mr Nujoma,

Please call me Miss Bannister.

While I welcome your apology I would like to see a photo of you. I will be able to tell from your eyes whether you are an honest gentleman and are not just play with my emotions to get at my money.

I am sure that I can find some way to assist you. I do not see the immediate need for telephone contact. What if I couldn't speak? Would I be of no use to you?

I do trust that you are well and look forward to seeing your photo.

Yours sincerely,

Minnie Bannister (Miss).

Where Charles promises a picture...

Hello Miss Bannister,

I greet you with warmest regards. I will send my pic so that you will know whom you are dealing with just for the fact that my government is not treating me fine that is why. I was dissappointed for the mail you sent to me that i'm playing with your emotions to get at your money, that is too bad. Hopefully tommorrow you will get it.



The Picture arrives. Do you remember the other picture of Charles? Refresher

Hello Miss Bannister,

Good day to you(Luv) (Luv!?) . There's every need for us to communicate or if possible you can call me on my private number 234-1-7753477. Find attach the copy of my picture.



Where Minnie is curious...

My Dear Charles,

You never told me you were so handsome!

And not married if I recall correctly. Any girlfriends?

Yours intrigued,

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