J Cosmo Newbery

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A heap of faxes arrive. All looking terribly official and designed to make me feel that it is all genuine. The two most impressive were a letter from the Debt Reconcilliation Committee with large bold heading "The Presidency" and lots of stamps. They make it real.

The second was a supposed internal departmental newsletter that list my company as one of the foreign companies designated for payment. Detail

I had been told told to fax them to Charles when they arrived. This caused him some great excitement. So much so he forgot my name.

Dear Cosmos,

Oh what a great news! Now I will like you to send me the fax please. Our payment is mearnt to pass through the office of the Account General's office. I have a strong feeling it is our payment.

Cosmos, does not the fax bear our contract number? I wait for the fax .



Where Charles points out that the fax from the DRC requires me to go to Nigeria. But maybe hiring a lawyer will get around it...

Dear Cosmos,

I received faxes from you. I have read all over again and again.I do not know where to begin but every information on fax shows that we are close to the end.I also had a page of the DRC Financial post and reading it I discovered your name on it and ticked good.

However, my attention is drawn to the one tagged the presidency.The second paragraph states that you are to come here. Firstly, I will like to know if you can do this? Although I will appreciate greatly if you can .Reading further to the next paragraph is a solution to your failure to come.Now one thing I must tell you now is that I am little constrained because at this level I can only be at the background.I understand the little problem we might have as the lawyer will need to contacted by you to authenticate our claims.

Firstly there is specification of the kind of lawyer, this is little difficult also because they require a SAN as stated here .These status are only such who have been in the law profession for at 35years.Now there is one thing that is coming to my mind,I can go to the council of legal representative and get a contact of a lawyer in this status for you to contact either by fax or email.The other alternative is for you to call the man who signed the paper on telephone and let him recommend an attorney by himself.But I think the former will be easier for you except you think differently.

Kindly get back to me immediately for me to know what to do!



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