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This is a correspondence started off with Charles Nujoma #1 talking to Minnie Bannister but then swapped across to J. Cosmo Newbery. After a while Charles said that he had a new email (for confidentiality) and his style changed. At first I thought I had been off-loaded to an assistant but now I think I was poached. It's dog-eat-dog in Lagos, folks!

Enter Charles #2.

(Finished: Last addition June 15th., 2002.)
  1. Nigerian Amway.
  2. Philips Akande.
  3. Tai Chi for Spaniels?
  4. Crossing the rubicon of poverty.
  5. A photo is promised. Any chance of a recipe?
  6. Some paper work and swapping photos.
  7. An attitude is slated for drastic measure.
  8. A visit to Lagos?
  9. Republican Corgi Tossing Championships.
  10. Waving some money; or the prospect of it.
  11. Dancing with Lawyers.
  12. God Bless You, Dr Bello!
  13. The sting cometh!
  14. Five ninths of three elevenths...
  15. Charles gets irritated.
  16. The sulphurous agent of the Devil.
  17. Second class green-grocer's clerk.
  18. Flight KL587 to Lagos.
  19. Menage a trios?
  20. Two big breast waiting. Oh...bring money.
  21. Rubber Gloves and Stony Faces
  22. Don't sulk, Charles.
  23. There is life in the old Galah yet!
  24. Look for a red silk bow-tie.
  25. Lagos or bust! Maybe both.
  26. God rest his tortured soul.