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When Charles Nujoma started becoming a little reluctant to reply to Madam Minnie of the brothel "Trollops R Us" I made a fresh approach as J. Cosmo Newbery.

(Finished: Last addition July 4th., 2002.)
  1. J Cosmo has a shot.
  2. A quick reply!
  3. A request falls on deaf ears.
  4. Tears in Lagos.
  5. The Fardel Bearer.
  6. The Apex Bank of Nigeria.
  7. Charles disposes of some personal properties.
  8. An authentic claim.
  9. A very prominent lawer
  10. Let's take them to the Supreme Court Charles.
  11. Ghost Contractors!
  12. All I need is a visa.
  13. Thanks for your speedy response.
  14. Will I have to catch my own food?
  15. What are we to do now?
  16. Do I know you, Demola?