Minnie Bannister

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Well, now I am really confused!

Last night I received emails to both Minnie and J Cosmo from the original Charles.

Let's recap:

Charles 1 (charlesnujoma@mailsurf.com) was the start of this saga.

Charles 2 (philips akande, trading as Charles Nujoma, (pakande2002@qrio.com)) took over. I thought I had been sub-tendered to a underling.

Charles 3, the poorly spelt "charle unjoma" (charlesnujoma@hkem.com) appeared and I thought he was Charles 1 looking for his lost contact.

(I hope you are paying attention, there is a test later.)

Well, as I see it Charles 3 is out of it. I told him I was talking to 'another Charles' and he hasn't returned (Yet). Charles 1 & 2 are a puzzle. I decided to back Minnie off a bit by letting her win a bundle in a lottery thereby removing her need for Charles' money and throwing a hook out to Charles. The email to JC asked for a fax number. I sent that off and will see what tomorrow brings on the fax machine.

Hello Minnie,

Thank you very much for your assistance so far i will need your direct number so that we can discuss further. And to answer your last question i was once married for 2 years but now divorced with no issue. You can call me Charles.

Dear Charles,

I don't know whether to be angry with you or grateful to you.

You left me. You wouldn't answer my emails. I felt betrayed and abandoned Charles. It is not a nice feeling. Just because I am a trollop it doesn't mean you can treat me like one, you know.

But I am grateful too. I won the lottery! An amazing amount of money. I have attached a newspaper clipping to this email. And really it is all thank to you. I bought it when out for a walk, thinking about you and the transaction, depressed that you wouldn't let me join in.

God has smiled on little Minnie!

In all honesty I do not want to talk to you over the telephone Charles. You may email me and I will be polite and answer you but I have not forgiven you enough to talk person to person. Yet.

I hope you can understand the way I feel. In the meantime could you send me a photo of yourself? Perhaps that may help me forgive you.

Yours most sincerely,


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