J Cosmo Newbery

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Where documents turn up and photos are exchanged.

I received a swodge of poor quality but semi-official paperwork by fax.

There was an official Receipt for the payment of US$11,000 on my behalf. They, the lads, are alwas very good at using their own hard earned money to pay for things on my behalf. Sadly there is always JUST ONE LAST THING that needs that little extra money and, as they have been so good to me...wait for it. It will come!

The receipt has ORIGINAL stamped across it. That means it is real...doesn't it?

My offical Certificate of Registration for my company 'Paws for Reflection' also turned up. The fax has blurred the address a bit. As a nice touch, they have back dated it to the date of the contract with the NNPC.

Charles sends me a photo. I guess it is him. Business must be good. He looks fairly well fed.

Dear Newbery,

I hope you do not find me ugly. Photo

Kindly acknowledge


It was the weekend and I hadn't answered immediately and I got a email asking "Did you get my email? Did you get my photograph ? What is going on ,I have not heard from you., Regards, Charles." Mmm...stangely anxious? I replied with a photo bearly a strange similarity to the Prime Minister of Australia. Well, I never actually said it was me...

Good Morning Charles,

I must say you do look a lot more distinguished than I had imagined you!
Quite the sophisticated business man!

I have attached a photo taken for a publicity brochure last year. I must confess I don't like it. Looks like a car salesman.

By the way, why does your email say "philips akande" is the sender?

It is Sunday morning. God bless you Charles.


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