J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Charles promises a photo.

Dear Newbery,

Thank you for your email. Now I have just received the certificates but I can not send them to you today. I will send them first thing tomorrow. Now do not forget that the paying agencies will likely contact you by fax any time since we have already submitted the application for the release of the funds. Kindly contact me as soon as it is so. (I don't fully understand this, many of the Lads do this. It is as if there is a central co-ordinating place for certificates and printed junk.)

I will also send you my photograph tomorrow by email for you know your friend. (Wacko!)

Kindly acknowledge the certificate asap.



Where J Cosmo Newbery, smarmy bastard, pursues a long held desire to get a recipe from the Nigerians.

My Dear Charles,

How are you this evening? Well and truly, I hope.

The certificates have yet to arrive but I will notify you as soon as they do.

In the meantime, can you answer a question for me? I am a keen amateur cook and I was wondering what sort of food you eat. Is it spicy?

Could you send me a recipe? I would REALLY appreciate that!

Looking forward to seeing your photo. I will try to find one to send you over the weekend.

Your friend,


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