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This is a bit of a diversion. The following email came last night. But all I can assume is that it is someone else who has cottoned on to J Cosmo. The spelling is atrocious and the tone is not in keeping with the Charles I am corresponding with. Most peculiar.

j cosmo newbery,

are you still with me on this transaction, i have ask the board to work with you , due to your email that you are willing to work with us on this transaction. i need to move on .

send a mail to let me kwon if you are still with us on this deal.

thank you.


Now this guy is no mental giant. IQ-wise he is hard pressed to reach double figures and would appear to be readily outmanouvered by a house-brick. His name on the incoming email was "charle unjoma"; thereby managing the unusual feat of mis-spelling both his first and last names. For a Nigerian, a race of typists strangely unfamiliar with lower-case typing, Charles has completely dispensed with upper-case. But what is going on? Oh to be a fly on the wall in down-town Lagos!

Dear Charles,

I am most confused. But then I do confuse easily.

A while ago I received an email that said it was from you but gave me another email address to write to; for confidentiality reasons, it said.

The emails are all signed Charles Nujoma but from your email to me today it would appear that they are not from you...

What is happening Charles? Are you really Charles?

What do I do now?

J. Cosmo Newbery.

A few days later Charles responds that it was really him on the other email.
Of course I believe him. Don't you?

More than likely someone up the tree in Lagos has hit him around the ears with a sock full of rocks and told him to make love elsewhere.

it is me on that email , i sent a mail to you on that email box to you when i could not access this box. you can send your respond to that box .

thank you.

i will not be using tis box anymore to send you mail.

charles nujoma

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