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Where Charles (aka Philips Akande) explains the scam...

Dear Cosmo Newbery,

Thank you for your prompt response to my email.You can count on our reassurance that we will not let you down. We, the principal participants are still in active government service and would appreciate strict confidentiality and the spirit of comradeship throughout the period of this transaction.

We are sending along with this email message a SPECIMEN APPLICATION by fax needed to officialise this project.You will transcribe the contents unto your letter-head paper,and fill the requisite payment information form, and send back to us by fax to enable us submit same for the release of the aforementioned funds into your nominated account.

However this application will pass through the Contract Review and Monitoring Committee (CRMC) of which the partners in this project are constituent members, whose relevant approval and validation report to the government parastatals will certify the claims for the payment. All other approvals will be issued by the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Debt Reconciliation Committee (DRC).

Be informed that within 10 (Ten) (Longer if I can drag it out!) working days of the commencement of this project, we would have successfully concluded the customary procedure of transfer, the entire file of the fund transfer will be returned to us at the CRMC for safe keeping as sole-custodians of all contract payment for work done in the Federal Statutory Corporation. At retrieval the file will be destroyed and the funds will never be traced. (These guys have a dry humour.)

On receipt of your documents for application, We will proceed to register your company (I wonder what my company will be?) in the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission and as a contractor with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation and the certificates will be back dated to suit the time the project was executed. Consequent upon this, the project is not supposed to span beyond the duration of time mentioned above. Do endeavour to fax the application to us immediately you receive this message. The telephone lines may be busy, please keep trying.

We wait in anticipation of your co-operation.


Charles Nujoma.

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