J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Charles subcontracts. Well, I assume he has. This is a split off of the other Charles Nujoma - J Cosmo Newbery correspondence. The email is still signed by Charles but the address is from "philips akande" and the header (possibly relayed to me in error) said "na me meshach ,take over this job and i will send you the format". Bastard! He has offloaded me to one of his down-line! This is Amway, Nigerian style.

Dear Cosmo Newbery,

Thank you for your email.I am deeply moved by your present situation and I believe your hearing will be restored back to you by God Almghty.

Regarding the transaction, you know a lot of money is involved and thus will need absolute confidentiality.Now I will require immediately your direct fax number for to send you some documents that will enable us send you documents to officialise the transaction.

I will expect your urgent response in this matter. kindly respond via this new email account for confidentiality.


Charles Nujoma

Dear Dr Nujoma,

You cannot imagine my excitement and anticipation!

This is truly a fabulous opportunity to improve my current lamentable conditions.

My fax is + 61 3 9326 5378

God bless you, Sir,

J. Cosmo Newbery.

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