J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Mr Newbery expresses delight that the deal will progress but confesses to being totally deaf and therefore unable to ring Charles three times a day.

Dear Dr nujoma,

This sounds like the dream come true. After a long run of calamities I need to have a win. The money will be a godsend.

Time is not a problem for me as I am currently not working; having recently received a large payout as compensation for an industrial accident.

This does present me with a different problem: as a result of the accident I am now permanently deaf. The telephone is useless to me. I can speak over it but I cannot hear what the other person is saying. Emails, letters and faxes are my window to the world.

I pray to almighty God that this will not be an impediment to assisting you in this project. God has taken my hearing but brought me your offer. I pray that he will allow me to see it through.

You have asked me to send the required details immediately but I cannot find what details you require. Please advise me on this.

Very best wishes,

Cosmo Newbery.

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