J. Cosmo Newbery

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The reply comes from someone called 'Demola' and has a nasty tone.

Hello Cosmo,

I just got an information about the kind of problem and deases attacking most citizen of australia i belive that is the cause of your deafness (Funny. My Mum said it would send me blind.) i will advise you to send the information to the Bank so that they can act on your coming to Nigeria so that Great Man of God can heal you that is my greatest problem apart from this transaction. You know you are like a friend i care about you. So please finish up with the Bank so that we can know on what to do with the problem arising from citizen of Australia. Thank you till i hear from you.


I play a straight bat. More or less.

Do I know you, Demola?

I have been waiting for documents to be faxed to me by Mr Charles Nujoma so that I can forward them to the bank. They sound like the documents that you mention but, with all the good will in the world, I cannot fill them out and send them on until I receive them. I am good but not that good.

If the authorities there have been inept and careless as usual and lost my fax number it is +613 9326 5378.

It had been quiet for so long, my emails unanswered for so long, I thought that something must have happened and the transaction fallen through.

And exactly what sort of problems and diseases do you refer to, Demola? We seem to have all the common ones here; do you refer to something different?

Please tell me what is happening Demola, is Charles unwell?

Yours puzzled,

J. Cosmo Newbery (Mr)

No answer. Resent the message. Still no answer. Methinks the trail is cold.

Chuck it, Farley.

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