J Cosmo Newbery

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Where Charles, so slow to talk to Minnie, is positively spritely in his response to J. Cosmo.

From:Dr charles nujoma

Tel: 234-1-7744410

How are you today my friend,

After I received your response, I phoned my other colleagues, who are also involved in this transaction and we had a serious meeting and have agreed decided to do this business with you. (Dashed decent of you, Charles!) Based on this agreement, We make bold to give you the basic details and modalities (That word!) for the successful realization of this project for your perusal. I must reiterate at this point that there are no risk at all involved in this transaction and it is 100%percent safe for all parties involved. This money which we want to transfer is the over-invoiced amount of contract which has since been executed, commissioned and the original contractor has been paid off. (Are we talking theft here Charles?)

We are very pressed for time to conclude this transaction. Your honesty and near flawless integrity (!!!)will remain our most valued assurance that you will not run away with our share of the money before we arrive in your country. My colleagues and I plan to arrive in Your country for our 70% share of the money three days before the money arrives in your account and we look forward to meeting with you. 20 % is for you and the remaining 10% will be shared according to expenses and taxes, incurred by both parties.

Basic details; To ensure a hitch-free transfer of the money to your account, it is essential to officiate the process of contractual payment in the concerned ministries and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).We have since concluded all necessary documentation and groundwork before contacting you. By virtue of our position(contract award monitoring committee),it is ordinarily and exclusively our duty to validate and update all contract payments due contractors that have executed contracts for the NNPC and other government corporations. Under our modalities for execution of this project, We will use the company and bank details(which you will provide) to apply for contract fund release our NNPC, Validate the contract claims make a customary report in writing that your company is long due for payment for the executed contract to the tune of $36,561,000USD for executed contracts NNPC/PED/318-X97 (this is the contract NO) and confirms you as the beneficiary of the funds. An exchange control number will then be issued in your favor and forwarded to the ministry of finance and Central Bank Of Nigeria for onward payment to your bankers. All the ministry of finance and Central Bank Of Nigeria does after our validation report is to issue the final exchange control approval order number as a bureaucratic satisfaction of the contractual fund release order procedure.

In fact, once We(the contract award and monitoring committee)have validated a contact claim for payment, the Central Bank will immediately pay the contractor, because all contract approvals for payment starts and ends on our desk. Our strong connection in the relevant ministries and the Central Bank Will ensure transfer in less than 14 working days.

Moreover a vetting approval from the office of the attorney general of the federation stating that the money that is being transferred by Central Bank to your account is for a contract executed and does not in any way contradict the laws of our country or your country or the UN. The transaction will be a bank to bank affair and there is no need for you to inform your bankers, until we advise you to do so. This is necessary to enable important documents to reach your bankers, the Tax service and other concerned government agencies in your country, with regards to the incoming money to your bankers.

From the discuss, you can appreciate why I have constantly hammered on the issues of confidentiality and secrecy for this project. This is very huge project and we would not want anything to jeopardize its smooth transaction. In fact I would advise that you cancel any business currently taking your time and concentrate on this project as the huge money involved enormous and deserve such attention.

Please send the required details immediately to enable us proceed as time of the essence and endeavor to call me at least three times everyday (Three times! Forget it Charles!) so that I can brief you on the daily progress of the transaction.

Best Regards

Dr charles nujoma

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