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This is a stop-start sort of correspondence. It eventually split off into two further correspondences with Charles Nujoma and J. Cosmo Newbery but sprang back to life with a lawyers letter and another correspondent from the blue.

Warning: Some letters have links to nude pictures of Minnie.
(No, I wont tell you which ones, you go and find them.)

Last addition July 20th., 2002.
  1. Opening gambit - via eMail
  2. 93 Loose Lips Sink Ship
  3. I want to take to you
  4. Trollops R Us
  5. Are you married, Charles?
  6. My dear Minnie
  7. What is a modality?
  8. Titilation with a Booby Prize
  9. A photo of a suave Charles.
  10. Ego rubbing for fun and ..sadly, no profit.
  11. Detour 1:Selfish attitudes of so called partners.
  12. Detour 2:Enter Kwame Osie.
  13. Let us know the game plan.
  14. Thank you for being so specific.
  15. Are you well endowed?
  16. Well contructed mail.
  17. Can I call you honney pie?
  18. Can you send me your nude picture?
  19. I wish I could hug you.
  20. Till the sweet heat.
  21. I sort of want our first meeting to be special.
  22. The money or the box?
  23. All cats are black at night.
  24. The person I like and will die for.
  25. Do you think I should have it pierced?
  26. Let us get this thing straight...
  27. The pit of absolute ecstasy
  28. I still do need those Nude fotos if you do not mind.
  29. Felicity Primm enters the fray.
  30. Hope i am not making another mustake.
  31. I nearly wet myself!
  32. Tell me, do you like big digs?
  33. I think you mean dicks.
  34. You are a puzzle to me at times.
  35. A bucket of lukewarm dog slobber?
  36. I do believe you realy mean well.
  37. Minnie is dead.
  38. The news of her death is not taken well.