Madame Yotta

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On-line banking! The shams go high-tech.

Madam yotta,

Thanks for your mail. The forms has just being secured and ready to be faxed to you. Can you confirm onnce more your direct fax number just to avoid the mistake of sending it to a wrong place.

Furthermore, i wish to inform you that your payment will be made via online banking. this is to avoid fraud associated with telegraphic transfers in this part of the planet. Therefore, log on to the website of Allstates Trust bank plc being one of the banks down here that operates online banking and which happens to be one of the five banks shortlisted by the CBN for contractors payment this quarter. You are expected to contact the babnk and open a domiciliary account with the and forward the details of the account to me. it is with this account that I will make the transfer for you to transfer same to your account after the normalisation.

The website of the bank is:

Log onto the website and click on the quick link and fill out their contact us form.

Expecting your urgent response.


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