Madame Yotta

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Dr Usman urges Madame Yotta to keep her beliefs to herself.

Yotta Celeste

Thanks for your two mails. I don't know of any other God except Allah and I am not prepared to know any other. Keep to your faith. No offence intended. (Grrrr!)

There is no problem with my fax machine. The message you scanned did not come out well. Inshort it is not readable. Re-try it with another system or give the fax a try once more.

Your explanations concering your account is accepted. Resend same including your contract details. Normalisation is a system whereby your account and file will undergo to meet with current CBN payment quideline. Once the promissory note is received, I will forward to you the two necessary forms requuired for the excercise to fill and return same back to me to commence the transfer.

It is also important to inform you that the CBN has appointed four Banks in Nigeria that are currently online through which your funds will be transfered to you. The normalisation process will indicate the bank through which your payment will go through so that I can give you their website in other to open and online domiciliary account. This account when opened enables you to transfer your funds to any bank account of your destination.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. include your direct phone and fax numbers when responding.

Dr. Usman.

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