Madame Yotta

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Madame Yotta answers the points. The original points are reproduced in blue for clarity.

Dear Dr Usman,

Please understand that I am a free spirit and at one with the souls of the universe. I am in constant synchronicity with the well-spring of the cosmos.

I can understand you, as a non-believer, feeling that I am being unserious about the issues you raise but this is purely due to you ignorance of cosmic forces that control our lives.

Rest assured, I take no offence from your comments.

With regard to your four points. They are a little unclear to me.

1. You will promise to give me 15% of your total contract sum as soon as you confirm payment to your bank. I will also demand that you give me a promissory note duly notarized by a Public Notary, which shall be typed into your official letter headed paper to this effect.

1. Yes, I will give you 15%. I had offered you 50% but if you are satisfied with 15% that is fine by me too. I have yet to organised the Public Notary. They are thin on the ground on a weekend. (Sent later. View)

2. On your acceptance of my conditions in point one above, I am prepared to transfer without further delay the sum of $10 Million U.S. Dollars to your account, and will be willing to commence arrangement immediately we have received fresh allocation on the modalities for the transfer of the remaining balance.

2. I cannot honestly say I understand what you want me to do about point 2. Please explain.

3. You will promise to to provide a different account other than the known and already existing account where the initial $10 Million U.S. Dollars shall be credited. This is for security reasons and for the success of this transfer.

3. Yes I can provide a separate account but it will take a little while to arrange with the bank. Being as I started a new account for this transaction in the first place, why is that a problem? There is no security issue, it is currently empty. Please explain this to me.

4. You will further promise to normalize and update your account details to tally with the current payment arrangement in line with the existing payment guidelines of the bank.

4. My account details have not changed. What does 'normalize' mean?

Forgive me for my ignorance on these points. I seek your guidance with them.

You will note that I have treated this letter most seriously; a difficult task for me. I hope you appreciate this.

Can you tell me your place and date of birth, Dr Usman? I would like to do your star chart.

Yours celestially,

Madame Yotta.

As you ramble on through life, brother, whatever be your goal,
Keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole.

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