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Shamsudeen wants more details...

Yotta Celeste


Got yours which was in response to my earlier fax. Its interesting to read your response but its rather sign of unseriousness on your part. Could you go through my fax again and respond with the 4 points as stated therein.

This is not a laughing matter and I trust you will understand.


The four points he mentions are below. Fairly obvious fishing exercise for contact details while making it look like a demand.

1. You will promise to give me 15% of your total contract sum as soon as you confirm payment to your bank. I will also demand that you give me a promissory note duly notarized by a Public Notary, which shall be typed into your official letter headed paper to this effect.

2. On your acceptance of my conditions in point one above, I am prepared to transfer without further delay the sum of $10 Million U.S. Dollars to your account, and will be willing to commence arrangement immediately we have received fresh allocation on the modalities for the transfer of the remaining balance,

3. You will promise to to provide a different account other than the known and already existing account where the initial $10 Million U.S. Dollars shall be credited. This is for security reasons and for the success of this transfer.

4. You will further promise to normalize and update your account details to tally with the current payment arrangement in line with the existing payment guidelines of the bank.

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