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If he is going to keep answering, I might as well persevere:

Dear Dr Usman,

The flaw in your defence is that here never was a file, never was a contract.

I am sorry that you are not willing to tell me a bit about it all from the inside.

I know nothing about your real name or real location so you are totally safe.

While I am not a supporter of what you do in a direct sense, I wish you no harm. I have mixed feelings about those who fall for these schemes. They have fallen due to their own greed and as such must chalk it up to education. Often a quite expensive one.

I would love to know a bit about the other side of the whole process, why people are in it, how people get in it, even how successful you are.

I play with the visible face of the whole 419 thing but can only guess the pressures and forces on the other side.

All of my previous correspondents have been quite gullible and, in all honesty, very naive.

You, at least, seem to be an educated man. You must understand my curiosity.

Thanks anyway.

J Cosmo Newbery.


J Cosmo Newbery

Your two mails were received and contents noted. There is not much to talk about as you are already aware of the process and procedure. Trying to get information from me will rather be a waste of time.

Have a pleasant weekend

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