Madame Yotta

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The post finale...Dr Shamsudeen says I am fooling no-one.

Yotta Celeste

Don,t think you achieved anything. In as much as the funds existed, you never executed any contract in Nigeria. So who is fooling who? You were invited to come and be a beneficiary of contract you never executed and you accepted so who is fooling who?

Your spirit jagon are all fake as you were the same yotta that never disappeared! I am not moved by your tricks and plans.



And a final word from Yotta:

Oh please do be upset, Sham darling, I love it when you sook.

Let me put you straight on a couple of things:

The funds do not exist. They never do in these Nigerian scams so don't try that crap with me.

The only person I fooled was you and, if he exists, your mate Ossie.

Everyone else who has been following our correspondence on the internet since it started has thought it has been all quite jolly.

We have had a lot of fun at your expense.

There was a Yotta, but her surname was not Celeste. A lovely Greek girl, always away with the pixies. She was my model for this character.

'Mary Celeste' was the name of a ship whose crew mysteriously disappeared in the early 1800s.

So there you go.

Life's cruel, eh?

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