Madame Yotta

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Mary is a bit defensive...


Things are trying enough without having to endure needless belligerence.

I understand your Africa comment at least - I have spent a great deal of the day reading Yotta's diaries. She called you sophisticated and worldly. Funny really, you don't strike me that way. But one email is hardly enough to tell, n'est pas?

I do not know what prompted your outburst but I will try to answer your questions and then leave you alone; clearly as an African you could not have managed to do anything. I must look elsewhere for clues.

I am writing. Who else would be doing it? I do not share Yotta's spiritual beliefs. Presumably you do. We differ there; chook entrails and tea leaves hold no fascination to me.

I write like Yotta? We have the same mother. This is common in sisters here.

I have used Yotta's address on job applications many times and I know Yotta's password. You know her views on the spiritual, it would not be too hard to guess what she has used as a password. We are sisters, we share many things, I see her every week, what is your problem with that?

I too am amazed that Yotta has disappeared - that is why I contacted you. Have you forgotten that already? Perhaps you do know more than you let on.

When Yotta returns I will tell her of your concern for her wellbeing.

M. Celeste.

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